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EngOfficeHave any questions? Come by the Engineering Society office anytime located on the first floor of the Ed Lumley Center for Engineering Innovation!

Or, check out our Facebook page here: Windsor Engineering Society


If you know who you would like to contact, you can find their contact information below.



Exec Team

Julia Costa

4th Year, Mechanical Engineering


Responsible for everything Engsoc related. Though the president may not personally be involved in everything, at the end the buck stops with him/her. It is the job of the president to ensure that the society is moving in a way that the students wish to go



Mackenzie Noble

3rd Year, Industrial Engineering

Vice-President Internal

The president’s right hand man (or woman). The VP Internal is responsible for planning and executing all events the engineering society throws as well as maintaining relationships with all the other faculties on uWindsor Campus. If the president is for some reason unable to perform their duties, the VP Internal steps up to the plate.



Felicia Tamasovics

3rd Year, Electrical Engineering

Vice-President External

Devoted to the handling EngSoc’s dealings with external organizations and people. The VP External attends 5-10 engineering conferences everywhere, all across Ontario and Canada. This is a great position for those of you who are very social.



Liam Simone

3rd Year, Electrical Engineering

Vice-President Finance & Administration

Controls the funds of the Engsoc. One of the most important positions in the Executive Body without a doubt, this post is a great way to learn about how to finance a not for profit organization.



Nick Colantoni

4th Year, Mechanical Engineering

Vice-President Academic

Responsible for all matter pertaining to academics. They will converse with faculty on your behalf if you have any academic concerns. They are also responsible for planning and running engineering competitions and maintaining the exam bank.




Trevor Thrasher


4rd Year, Mechanical Engineering

Vice-President Social

Plans Events for the society and makes sure they run smoothly. There wouldn’t be Welcome Week or PEB’s without this member of the Exec.




Lucas Dodson


2nd Year, Civil Engineering

Chief Administrative Officer

Responsible for making sure the office is clean and taking minutes at the Executive and Board of Directors meetings. This keeps the rest of the society informed of our dealings. This position is usually held by a 2nd year student.




Liz Sweeny

3rd Year, Mechanical Engineering

Chief Returning Officer

Ensures that the constitution of the Engsoc is upheld. The CRO is charged with running the annual elections for the Executive Body, an extremely important job.







Year Reps



Alex Martinez –

Second Year Representative


Aarron Younan –

Third Year Representative


David Daniels –

Fourth Year Representative


Program Reps


Max Jung –

Mechanical Representative


Amal Siddiqui –

Civil/Enviromental Representative


Sam Cipkar –

Electrical Representative 


Melina Fartaj –

Industrial Repersentative


Han Zhang –

International Representative