T-Shirt Fund

The Team T Shirt Fund is a program that the Engineering Society offers to sponsor undergraduate engineering clubs/groups that would like to have their own spirit wear.
This can be for SAE teams, residence floors, or really any other undergraduate engineering club in general. Also, the term “T Shirt” does not limit the type of spirit wear. It could be polos, jackets, pants, or anything else that you can think of.
See below the excerpt from The Windsor Engineering Student Society’s Policy Manual (Article 6 Section 3) that lays out all of the details to do with this fund in addition to a vector image of the Society’s official logo. If you interested in this, do not hesitate to contact the Vice President Finance and Administration at engvpfa@uwindsor.ca.
3. Team T—Shirt Funding
a. Each individual engineering team or group is qualified to receive one (1) t—shirt fund per team year, in accordance to the following rules:
i. The cost per shirt reimbursement does not exceed the amount of$20.
ii. The total reimbursement does not exceed the amount of $300.
iii. An Executive Officer must verify that all t—shirts bear the official Society logo.
iv. The T-Shirt Reimbursement Form must be completed and submitted to the Vice President Finance andAdministration.